Skeyeon has been accepted into the EvoNexus startup incubator

Skeyeon Announces Issuance of Revolutionary Satellite Communication Patent… Read Article

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The Skeyeon Near Earth Orbiter (NEO) satellite is the basis for a scalable constellation, delivering 1m resolution images that enable low latency earth monitoring and the development of a high value image database.

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The Skeyeon NEO™

Novel Coatings

Atomic-resistant, self-healing materials enable smooth, low drag.

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Revolutionary Imager

High-resolution in a small form-factor reduces Z-height by a factor of 10.

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Phased Array Antenna

Leverage the commercial deployment of high BW phased array antenna.

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Earth imaging becomes monitoring with Skeyeon’s constellation of high resolution real-time image satellites. The constellation generates daily images (or better) and builds a repository of time-lapse identical-format images.

Like the iPhone changed internet usage and streaming media changed entertainment . . . Skeyeon will change the satellite imaging market.

See a timeline of the new age of satellite imagery.

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